Greetings! My name is Rich Severin I am a physical therapist, adjunct professor, PhD student based out of the University of Illinois at Chicago. I started The Full Squat Challenge as an advocacy and fund raising campaign to raise awareness of the physical inactivity epidemic facing our planet and how physical therapists and other movement professionals can help address this problem. This will involve videos of individuals performing full depth squats in various locations/creative manners and tagging them to our social media campaign or submitting them directly to our website.
This campaign will also seek to raise funds by donations for PT Day of Service (PTDOS). PTDOS is an organization which helps improve human movement in the community through service projects around the world. I plan on receiving ZERO compensation for any donation and all funds will go to this organization directly through their paypal link.
I look forward to seeing this effort grow and all of the creative ways and places people decide to squat. Let’s get SQUATTING!


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